Trained as a biologist and biochemist, I recently retired from a career as a college professor.

These days most of my creative effort is directed towards photography. I specialize in wildlife subjects and landscapes. However, I also photograph many other subjects.

In additon to "normal" (i.e. digital, these days) photography, I also dabble in alternative (or historical) photographic processes, mainly cyanotype and salt printing. I use enlarged negatives prepared digitally in this work.

A note about wildlife subjects...

  • All of the photographs in my galleries (except those in the "Other Subjects" galleries) are of wild free-living creatures. I do not believe in capturing (even for a short time) animals for use as photographic subjects.

  • Photographs of animals in the "Other Subjects" galleries are either of domestic livestock, or very rarely, of captive animals in a rehab setting where they are unable to be released back into the wild.

More of my photographs can be found at my personal website.

My newest photos (and the stories behind them) can be found on my blog "Photographs by Frank".